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Mr. Daljeet Singh Sood (Chairman and Founder)

Mr. Daljeet Singh Sood,Chairman and founder of company, aged 67 years, is an experienced technocrat with a rich experience of more than four decades in manufacturing and exporting of Automotive Rubber Components. He started business in 1968 with negligible or no capital and has built the company from scratch there on. Mr. Daljit Singh Sood acquired knowledge of Rubber Technology in the 70's through extensive reading and research for many years and went on to establish his name in the field of Rubber Technology at a time when there were very few such entrepreneurs in the country. He is a seasoned technocrat, hard working, dedicated and a focused entrepreneur who has traveled extensively and has international exposure of the trade. He is still an avid student of the field of Rubber Technology & Engineering and periodically updates himself with the latest industry trends by attending seminars and symposiums organized by the global Institutes.

Having delegated most of his responsibilities, he still continues to head the R&D activity in the company due to his enduring passion for Rubber Technology and Engineering. Under his capable guidance the company ahs developed a strong R&D and Engineering base, which in turn has been the primary reason for the company's growth as it goes about meeting stringent requirements of International Customers with utmost ease and flair.

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Mr. Parmeet Singh Sood (MD)

Mr. Parmeet Singh Sood S/o Sh. Daljit Singh Sood, MD of the company, ages 36 years, is a management graduate from University of Bradford, U.K. He is having an experience of 15 years in this line of activity and has international exposure for the management of SME's. Mr Parmeet Singh Sood spent the first few years in the company working on the shop floor and learning from the ground up and mastered the trade and the art of manufacturing. Combining his management skills and the acquired manufacturing & engineering skills he took the company's manufacturing practices to greater heights by implementing many modern technologies and Japanese Manufacturing practices including KAIZAN, GEMBA, 5S, LEAN MANUFACTURING etc.

Also, he headed the endeavor of creating a World Class Quality System in the company and got the company an ISO/TS 16949 Certification in 2002, making Climax Overseas Private Limited the first Rubber Component manufacturing company in India to be awarded this certificate, when industry was practicing an older standard of the now de-funct QS 9000. Given this impetus and vision he put the company on a growth path with annual CAGR of 50%+ in the last 10 years and has laid down a Target of making Climax a Rs. 100 Crore Turnover group by 2015.

Mr Parmeet Singh Sood has also been a Member of CII's committee for, "Cost Competitiveness in SME's" and successfully organized many seminars for the industry imparting training in the field of Lean Manufacturing and other manufacturing practices.

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Mr. D.P. Yadav

Experience: 30 years

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Mr. Lalit Vij

Experience: 32 years

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Mr. Binda Prasad

V.P Operations
Experience: 30 years

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Mr. Anuj Ahuja

D.G.M - Marketing (Export& India)
Experience: 15 years

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